In this day and age of smartphones and readily available electronic media of all sorts, it is only fitting that the most important book ever written, the Bible, also be easily obtained for use in such formats.  To fill this need there are services such as Youversion, which offers an app for just about every imaginable smartphone and tablet out there. Visit the Android, iTunes, Chrome or Windows app stores to download a suitable app or simply go to to access many different Bibles and reading plans.  I use this app daily and highly recommend it.  For a quick parallel view of scripture in different translations, visit and check it out.  Another popular site is which also allows for easy, free access to a wide range of Bible versions.  Bible Gateway is a favorite of mine because it has Bible versions I frequently use.

Have you found a place to worship?

Check out one of the churches in your area and find what works for you.  For myself, I am comfortable in a Bible-believing church that sings the old hymns and spends more time in the Bible than anything else. I can recommend churches in my area that teach solid biblical doctrine. Personally, I am Reformed in my theological views and would look for a church that adheres to the  1689 (or Second) London Baptist Confession as closely I can find. Some might be more comfortable in a church that adheres to the Westminster Confession of Faith (similar, but differing — especially on the issue of baptism). Click this link to see a chart comparing the two.

Stuck at home?

Many churches now stream their services or teaching. If you are unaware of your favorite church doing so, you may avail yourself of the opportunity of trying some of the many fine teachers you can find with a simple search on YouTube such as John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul or Steven Lawson — to many only a few of many great Bible teachers.

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