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The Baker CSB Study Bible

There will be more to come on Surgeon’s Catechism, but for now a brief pause that I may comment on the Baker CSB Study Bible. I am not a big fan of the CSB translation of the Bible, so the reader will rarely see me refer to it in my writings. I can’t say there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just not a favorite. Perhaps my tastes will change one day if I become more familiar with it. About the only time I pick it up is when I am making use of the study notes found within either the Baker, Evans or Holman’s CSB Study Bibles. I loved the HCSB with it’s bullet notes and particular style. Maybe I just resent the CSB because it replaces the HCSB (which is no longer printed since the advent of the CSB). Now, on to the BAKER…

The Baker is a large, heavy Study Bible that is packed with valuable, conservative evangelical material. At 2,640 pages and almost five pounds, it’s not a Bible you’re likely to carry to Church. However, as a study reference tool it is very valuable. Although this Bible is no longer printed, you can still find new copies at Amazon and other places online. I recommend this as a fine addition to your study library.