Bible Versions

Scripture quotations are taken from several different versions if the Bible.

There are many fine versions of the Bible that are faithful translations of God’s Word. While I love the King James Version, there are many others worthy of being quoted and will be designated in the same manner that they are at sites such as or Do not overlook the virtues of the New King James Version (NKJV). For example, HCSB refers to the Holman Christian Standard Bible, NIV refers to the New International Version, NASB the New American Standard Bible, ESV the English Standard Version, etc.

For what it’s worth, my favorites for literal translations include the New American Standard Bible (1977, 1995 editions), the New King James Version and the English Standard Version. I cannot speak to the virtues of the 2020 text of the NASB, as I have not spent much time with it yet. For an easy read that I think is basically faithful to the original, a good dynamic version is the NIV (it is easy to read, although sometimes I think its interpretations of the original text aren’t the best).

The HCSB (now CSB) is somewhere in the middle, between literal and dynamic. The HCSB has been a favorite for a long time but has now been replaced by the Christian Standard Bible (supposedly a revision of the HCSB, but lacking some features I really love and find useful). This is not to say that the CSB isn’t a decent translation, because it seems to be. If you can still find a copy of the HCSB Study Bible that is reasonably priced, I suggest you purchase it. There is a bookstore in Warwick, R.I. known as New Life Christian Store that has several copies of the older HCSB still in stock and priced within reason. Ebay may also be a good source to check for one.

I think the most important thing a believer can do is find a mainstream translation that they find easy to read and study it intently. Compare verses you may find difficult with the plethora of available translations today. My further suggestion is that you start with a literal translation you may like, such as the ESV, NKJV or NASB and add a more dynamic version (like the CSB or NIV) for comparison.

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