The Danger of PRIDE

A person’s pride will humble him, but a humble spirit will gain honor. Proverbs 29:23 HCSB

So often in my life I have been troubled by some issue and also have spent countless hours worrying about how I am going to deal with whatever it is before taking it to the LORD in prayer. What is that about? Simple. Pride.

From the days of Adam and Eve and their fall in Genesis until the present, mankind has used pride as a barrier to God and to fail bringing Him the glory He deserves. Pride caused Cain to murder his brother. Pride caused Joseph’s brothers to sell him into slavery. Pride caused Saul to feel threatened by David and relentlessly try to kill him. Pride caused the disciples to argue over who would be greater in the kingdom of God (Lk. 9:46). In every case, pride caused harm to the individual and inevitable humbling to all who came under its control.

Let us all pray that our pride will be recognized by us and not get in the way of the Holy Spirit on our lives as believers!

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