Psalm 119

Open my eyes so I can truly see the marvelous things in your law! -Psalm 119:18 (NET)

Chuck Smith, in his Old Testament study guide, said the verse above makes an ideal prayer to pray before reading Scripture.  Good advice, don’t you think?

I have recently begun taking a serious look at Psalm 119 after recently attending a memorial service for a dear sister with Christ who went home to be with the LORD in February. Nearly 100 years old, she loved reading and thinking about Psalm 119. One of our dear brothers with Christ sat with her toward the end of her time here and read it, knowing she could still hear and understand it. That got me thinking that I should spend more time in this treasure trove of truths so wonderfully spread out for us by the psalmist in God’s Word.

Matthew Henry, in his commentary on the Bible, said this about Psalm 119: ” like Solomon’s proverbs, it is a chest of gold rings, not a chain of gold links.” Good analogy.

I have begun to put together some material for our Friday night Bible study on Psalm 119 and hope the group will agree with me and devote several weeks to its study. There is so much there to receive from God’s infinite wisdom!


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