Bible Versions Revisited

As time goes on and my studies progress, my taste in Bible translations has ‘evolved’ as well. I have come to place a great value on the more literal versions for continuity in my studies. My favorites have come to include the NASB, ESV, NKJV and KJV. Having recently acquired a D James Kennedy Study Bible in the Modern English Version (MEV), I’m starting to appreciate that one also. Along with the more literal translations, I think it is good to have a dynamic version such as the NIV handy, as well. I know many people don’t care for the new 2011 NIV because of its gender inclusive nature, but aside from that I think it’s an excellent dynamic translation worthy of its place on a Christian’s bookshelf. Perhaps for those who can’t get beyond the gender objection, a New Living Translation (NLT) might fit the bill.

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