Isaiah 58:6-7 (VOICE)

    No, what I want in a fast is this:
        to liberate those tied down and held back by injustice,
        to lighten the load of those heavily burdened,
        to free the oppressed and shatter every type of oppression.
    A fast for Me involves sharing your food with people who have none,
        giving those who are homeless a space in your home,
    Giving clothes to those who need them, and not neglecting your own family.

The Voice (VOICE)The Voice Bible Copyright © 2012 Thomas Nelson, Inc. The Voice™ translation © 2012 Ecclesia Bible Society All rights reserved.

Over the years, I have heard people discuss “giving something up for Lent.” I must confess I have said it myself more than once when attending a church more liturgical in nature. I have no issue whatsoever in Lent or the message it is meant to convey, especially when I think of what our Savior did for us– what He gave up.

Yesterday I read a devotional I like called the Upper Room (I was a subscriber and I should pick it up again). The title of yesterday’s piece referred to Ash Wednesday (for those who may not know: the beginning of the Lenten season). The author discussed how we are often interested in deciding what we will give up— when perhaps we should focus on what we can give. May God continue to bless us as we ponder the meaning of His Word. Have a blessed season.

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