Truth Part 3

Live in Holiness

So I say this, and insist in the Lord, that you no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in their understanding, being alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their hearts. Because they are callous, they have given themselves over to indecency for the practice of every kind of impurity with greediness. But you did not learn about Christ like this, if indeed you heard about him and were taught in him, just as the truth is in Jesus. You were taught with reference to your former way of life to lay aside the old man who is being corrupted in accordance with deceitful desires, to be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and to put on the new man who has been created in God’s image—in righteousness and holiness that comes from truth.

Therefore, having laid aside falsehood, each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members of one another.

Ephesians 4:17-25 (NET)

This third post on the subject of building truth in your life (a Dr. Stanley sermon) deals with how to build truth into your life. I am going to list 9 points that he gave on the best way to accomplish this task:

  1. Recognize truth as a foundational life principle.
  2. Evaluate the results of lying.
  3. Accept the Bible as the ultimate guide.
  4. Practice truth and watch the consequences.
  5. Be honest with yourself and discover why.
  6. Ask God to give you an ever-increasing desire for truth.
  7. Identify every area of weakness and find a scripture that relates to that.
  8. Fill your mind with the Word of God.
  9. Purpose yourself to be trustworthy, reliable and believable.


May God richly bless you as He has me when you consider these important steps to take to build truth into your life and live the way our LORD intends you to.

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